Monday, February 8, 2016


I love animals since the day I was born. For years I´ve been a protectionist and activist for animal rights, and yet it never occurred to me to think of the hypocrisy involving "loving animals" and paying someone else for their torture and slaughter ... That's why I feel so grateful to all the current activism for animal rights... because thanks to them, every day more and more people (myself included) are becoming aware and are doing something about it.

A year ago if someone even mention the word "vegan", to my opinion vegans were a bit extreme… and yet, it was when I started reading and learning about it, when I realized how easy it is today to become a vegan and how beneficial it is. To my amazement, it is NOT more expensive. What I spend in a health food diet, is what I am saving in not buying all the trash that you usually buy at the supermarket without realizing it.

Not only I am becoming a vegan, I'm so happy with the change that I promote it.

After seeing "EARTHLINGS", "FOOD INC" and "Cowspiracy" all the arguments of those who want to continue to eat animals, to me, have completely lost value.

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